Release notes

Version 2.9.0 features a new plugin for monitoring of configurable properties and executing arbitrary actions. Only values that are present in the database can be monitored. For example, it is possible to setup monitors for CPU usage, disk usage, network transfer rates or traffic. It has a basic support for acknowledging or ignoring of detected events via the web UI.

API internals

  • Require HaveAPI 0.10
  • Update ActiveRecord to 4.2 and other dependencies
  • Cluster::GenerateKnownHosts: fix query condition
  • Use structure.sql instead of schema.rb
  • Support for sending custom mails without templates
  • Resource VPS: add missing checks for user's state
  • Admins can set CPU limit directly

vpsAdmin web UI

  • Browser of monitored events
  • Support for setting CPU limit directly
  • Outage details: unite state change and post update forms


  • Zfs stream progress tracking support for ZoL 0.7
  • Support for setting CPU limit directly


  • Initial release

Outage reports

  • Outage state changing via the update action


  • Admins can ask users for correction of registration requests