Release notes

Version 2.8.0 primarily features a new plugin for outage reporting. Outages can be reported by admins from the web UI or the API. vpsAdmin knows what VPS are (in)directly affected and can notify users via e-mail. It also allows admins to post update on progress. Each outage is now assigned a type, i.e. how it affects your VPS. It can be one of the following options:

  • tbd: to be determined; we're still investigating what's gone wrong
  • restart: the VPS will see it as a clean restart
  • reset: the VPS will see it as a hard reset
  • network: issues with connectivity, DDoS and so on
  • performance: temporary decreased performance
  • maintenance: VPS is running, can't be controlled from vpsAdmin

Outage reports

  • Initial release

API resources

  • API version set to 4.1
  • User.Index: filter by admin privilege
  • Resource Node: add output parameter status
  • Resource MailTemplate has new parameter user_visibility

API internals

  • Node.pick_by_env: don't filter by location
  • Fix cleanup of concerns of empty transaction chains

vpsAdmin web UI

  • VPS clone form: hide environment for users
  • Disable privilege dropping until the API can properly handle it
  • Integration of outage reports plugin
  • Distinguish external and internal API URL
  • Fix system config saving
  • Fix flag "Boot on create" when creating a new VPS
  • Fix setting of disk quota in MB
  • Fix remembering of selected user in VPS create form