Release notes

Version 2.3.0 focuses on improving snapshot downloading and off-site backups. It is now possible to download ZFS data streams directly, even incrementally. The CLI client supports snapshot downloads explicitly, in several variants.

  • snapshot download [<id>] [-- [options]] can download snapshot into a file
  • snapshot send <id> [-- [options]] is an imitation of zfs send and thus can be used in the same way
  • backup dataset [<id>] <filesystem> [-- [options]] can autonomously download remote snapshots and store them locally in a dataset
  • backup vps [<id>] <filesystem> [-- [options]] is an extension of the previous command focused on backuping VPS

All these commands begin the download immediately, they do not have to wait until the file on the server is complete. When downloading into a file, the program can be interrupted and resume the download later. All commands by default calculate the checksum and verify it, assuring that the downloaded data is correct.

backup commands are designed to run periodically by cron. The program itself will decide whether it can download an incremental stream or whether it needs a full one.


  • Download snapshots as ZFS (incremental) data stream
  • Snapshot history identifier

API resources

  • Dataset.Snapshot has new output parameters name and history_id
  • SnapshotDownload has new parameters format, sha256sum and send_mail
  • Dataset has new parameter current_history_id

API internals

  • Save snapshot names in UTC
  • TransactionChain#append: add option queue
  • TransactionChain.Index: fix ambiguous column name in DB query

vpsAdmin web UI

  • Show history identifier in snapshot list
  • Select format of the downloaded snapshot


  • vps migrate_many has new option --[no-]cleanup-data
  • New commands
    • snapshot download
    • snapshot send
    • backup dataset
    • backup vps


  • Confirm attribute created_at after snapshot creation
  • Save snapshot name and time of creation in UTC
  • Ability to export ZFS (incremental) data streams
  • Compute and save checksum of files for download
  • Fix race condition in VPS status updating

Upgrade instructions

Standard upgrade process.