Release notes

Version 2.1.0 is rebased onto HaveAPI v0.4 and features mainly reworked remote VPS console. The console can be accessed using CLI tool vpsadminctl, which works much better than the web-based console, as it uses your own terminal emulator. The VPS console now also supports resizing.


  • VPS hostname can be managed manually and vpsAdmin will merely read it

API resources

  • Version set to 1.0
  • Removed parameter User.playground_enabled
  • Cluster.PublicStats.ipv4_left does not count owned IP addresses

API internals

  • TransactionChain#append_t to gradually replace TransactionChain#append
  • TransactionChains::User::HardDelete deletes all user's datasets completely
  • TransactionChains::DatasetTree::Destroy corretcly destroys all branches and snapshots
  • New transaction Vps::UnmanageHostname
  • Switch to yard from rdoc
  • Update and complete dependencies in the Gemfile

Web UI

  • VPS hostname form to support manual and managed modes
  • Removed DB_VERSION constant


  • VPS console mostly rewritten
  • New communication protocol with the console router
  • vzctl console run in a pty using wrapper script
  • Support console resizing
  • Support transaction Vps::UnmanageHostname
  • Read hostname from VPSes that manage them manually
  • VPS status
    • run exec commands only if the VPS is running
    • exclude VPSes in state hard_delete

Console router

  • Moved from vpsAdmind to a standalone project
  • Disconnect from the database after a period of inactivity
  • Disable caching by adding timestamp parameter to JS scripts
  • Implemented the reconnect button in web console
  • Updated protocols with clients and vpsAdmind
  • Transport console size


  • Renamed from vpsadminctl to vpsadmin-client
  • Subcommand vps remote_console <vps_id>

Upgrade instructions

vpsAdmin API

Stop the API and the scheduler.

# cd /opt/vpsadmin-api
# git pull
# bundle install
# rake db:migrate

Restart both the API and the scheduler.

Set key api_url in sysconfig.


On all nodes:

# vpsadmindctl update
# cd /opt/vpsadmindctl && git pull

Console router

The router has been extracted from vpsAdmind and made a standalone project. You need to install it next to vpsAdmind and adjust start scripts accordingly.

vpsAdmin web UI

# git pull
# php composer.phar update

Known issues

In order for the console resizing to work, a patched version of vzctl is needed.